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What’s the cost of extensions

posted by Megan Graham on 08/04/16

Almost every day at the salon we get a phone call asking what’s the cost of extensions? I know that when we say that the best thing to do is to come in for a consultation, people often think that it’s like when you want to sign up for a membership at the gym and they won’t give you the cost of the monthly fee.

Several different things go into answering the question what is the cost  of extensions. How much hair you have on your head, how long you want your hair to be, and whether you were looking to achieve volume or fullness.

Basically, there is no way to give a price range over the phone for how much extensions will cost as they can start as low as $700 and go as high as $4000.  For some clients we may only need a bundle of hair, while for others it would take 7 or 8 to achieve the desired result.

Most of the clients in the salon that wear extensions wear them for volume and tend to wear one to two bundles which is on the lower side of the price range.  I love the look of adding volume with extensions and think that this is the way that they are the most manageable, as well as cost effective.

The thicker your hair is, and the more that you are looking for length, the more extensions cost. Extensions are beautiful and can be great for a wedding or special occasion where you want longer hair.  Wearing extensions for volume can make your hair look longer simply because they fill out the baseline and bring more hair to the bottom.


We love to chat about extensions and welcome you to come in to the salon to learn more.  There’s no pressure, and if we don’t think that extensions will be great for you and your hair, we’ll be the first to tell you.  To book a complimentary extension consultation at Megan Graham Beauty, please call: 617.236.8100.




Gratitude is the antidote

posted by Megan Graham on 07/29/16

Gratitude is the antidote

I think we’ve all seen it everywhere, everybody talks about gratitude, but sometimes it’s not focused on and visited in a way that we can truly reap
the benefits. I’m done exercises before in my business class where I start out my morning listing 10 things for which I am grateful.  Although I think this is a great idea and it does start your morning off in a better way and you might otherwise, I think it’s actually necessary to think about the things that you’re grateful more deeply if you’d like to bring more joy and peace into your life.

Recently, I traveled to Dallas, Texas to see Tony Robbins, who has been one of my greatest mentors in my life. For those of you who don’t know the name Tony Robbins, he is difficult to describe. Some people call him a motivational speaker, and I will say he is very motivating and inspiring ,but I think he is so much more than that. he calls himself “the why guy” and teaches you why you do what you do and gives you fast, workable strategies for how to change things.

Tony gave everyone at the seminar a new way to start our morning, a way to crowd out the fear, anxiety, and negativity that can creep into mornings (and days) during our busy lives. He told us that gratitude is the antidote and led us through an exercise where we thought of three things for which we were grateful, but we thought of those things deeply, completely and as if we were reliving the moment we had experienced. It’s amazing how when you truly focus on something and think about it as if it is happening to you again, it becomes a completely different experience and can bring so much joy into your heart and into your body.

Gratitude is the opposite of entitlement, it’s the opposite of feeling that everything should come your way and thinking of the things that you don’t have. Gratitude is waking up and smelling the roses of your life.

Gratitude is the antidote to healing your unhappiness and resentment. It crowds out the hurt and disappointment and if given the opportunity can literally transform something that you would think was a negative experience into a positive.

Summer Haircare Routine

posted by Megan Graham on 07/29/16

Summer Haircare Routine – Must have tips & tricks

As we all know, the summer can be a rough time of year for our hair. So, here are a few tips to help you and your luscious locks make it through the season.

summer haircare routine

summer haircare routine

Summer haircare routine 1. First off- dry shampoo, the number one secret weapon everyone needs to have. There is no reason to wash your hair every day- it is actually good to let your natural oils nourish your hair strands. It’s also a great way to get some volume and texture- clean or dirty. Not to mention a time/ damage saver from having to wash, dry and use whatever hot tools you use on your hair every time you style. I have a high-end favorite- the Oscar Blandi powder form- and a drug store favorite from Batiste!
Summer hair hair routine 2. As many of you know, thanks to social media, beachy waves are all the rage right now. Not only is it a great way to hide second day hair, but it’s such an easy look to create. Whether you take big sections for a wavier, glam look, or smaller sections for a messier, “mermaid” look, anyone can achieve this style. Just take your sections, wrap it around any size curling wand, let them cool and then hit them with any salt spray, or hairspray and you are good to go!
Summer haircare routine 3. Now if all else fails and you cannot seem to get your hair under control, look into getting a smoothing treatment. I get the vegan smoothing treatment from Thermafuse and I am beyond obsessed- it has changed the way I do my hair for the better. Not only does my hair feel and look softer, shinier and all around healthier, but it has taken the hassle and time away from styling my hair, which means less time in the bathroom and more time enjoying the summer!! The frizz is almost obsolete, which was my biggest issue with this time of year.

Please call us at 617.236.8100 to book an appointment




What’s the best maintenance schedule for my hair?

posted by Megan Graham on 07/13/16

What’s the best maintenance schedule for my hair?

One question that I answer frequently at the salon is: what’s the best maintenance schedule for my hair? Although it varies from person to person, the average maintenance schedule is between six and eight weeks. There are exceptions, such as someone that wishes to frequently cover their gray and may visit the salon every 2 to 3 weeks. For other clients who either have extremely busy travel schedules or a newborn baby at home, or something of that nature….. occasionally, we work together to choose a lower maintenance hair color that can be touched up every 3 to 5 months. The more that the hair grows in between appointments, the more difficult the work becomes to blend the haircolor.

On occasion, I have a day at the salon where every single client comes in overdue for their maintenance and it makes for a day where I’m running behind the entire day, and I’m also less satisfied with the end result than I could be. There’s a reason for maintenance, and it’s not just so that you feel good it’s actually so that the product turns out the best that it could possibly be. Although I can always make hair look more beautiful than when the client came in, for it to be properly blended and exactly the way I want it to be the maintenance schedule needs to be adhered to.

When the client comes in and they have haircolor that should be touched up every 7 to 9 weeks and an additional 3 to 4 weeks has passed the level of difficulty is actually much greater than if they had stuck to the original maintenance schedule. Although I’m not always aware of how long it’s been since I’ve colored someone’s hair last, when I do realize that it’s been a fair amount of time outside of our regular schedule, I usually book the appointment as a correction so that I will have the time to catch up on their hair, and I also charge accordingly for this appointment as it takes more time, product, and work for me to make the hair reach the desired result. I always try to educate people so that they aren’t surprised that more time equals more expensive hair color. Most of us are paid for our time in the jobs that we do, and mine is no different, the more complex the work that I do, the more of my day it takes up.

To book an appointment at the salon please call 617-236-8100.

Recruiting New Team Members

posted by Megan Graham on 07/08/16

We are constantly recruiting new team members for the salon, and looking for salon assistants.  Duties include washing hair, stocking color and supplies, keeping the salon clean and neat, assisting stylists amongst other things.  Please be fashion forward, professional, kind, honest and have a MA Cosmetology license.

Working as an assistant at a high end salon is your opportunity to learn from the best, and to get a firm grasp of technique so that you have solid confidence and a strong foundation so that as a stylist you can build your creativity based upon consistent knowledge.  There truly are no shortcuts to being the best.

Being willing to learn, and do your very best are the most important parts of the job.  We are very lucky to be able to come to work every day and help people look and feel their best.  Please send your resume to MeganGrahamBeauty at with a cover letter explaining what you can bring to the salon, we look forward to hearing from you! If you know someone that may be interested, please let them know that we are recruiting new team members.

How to show up for your first hair coloring

posted by Megan Graham on 07/06/16

Many times I’ve noticed that clients come in, and talk about why they came to their first hair appointment a certain way, and I’ll be honest…many of the things that they do are well intentioned, but some of them actually work against getting the best hair color, and here’s why:

  1.  I washed my hair right before I got here so you wouldn’t have to touch dirty hair (and now it’s wet).

In order for me to color hair, it needs to be dry, so if the hair needs to be dried at the salon it’s going to take time away from the actual appointment, and the scalp has been freshly exfoliated while washing the hair, so irritation from the color products used is more likely.


2.  I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days to protect my hair from damage.

This is too long to go without washing hair, and the color will appear darker from the natural oils.  On top of it, if hair is really dirty, even hair colorists aren’t happy to touch the hair.  It’s preferable to wash your hair the day before. This is an important tip for how to show up for your first hair coloring appointment.

3.  I didn’t wear makeup so you could see what I “really look like” to color my hair.

If you usually wear makeup please show up the way that you would on a daily basis.  I think seeing how someone actually looks and grooms themselves on a daily basis is much more useful than seeing how they look at night after removing their makeup.

These are the the most common things that come to mind when I think about how to show up for your first hair coloring appointment, if you have any questions please write them in the comments below.  To book an appointment at the salon please call 617.236.8100




Women who attack other women

posted by Megan Graham on 06/05/16

I write blogs about all sorts of things that are beauty related, and if there is one point that I’d like to make…’s that your beliefs, and who you are on the inside determine your true beauty.  There is no amount of foundation, or concealer that can hide ones character when it is hateful, and cruel to others.  Being a good, and kind person is actually where beauty begins.  I’ve been thinking lately about the things that I’ve seen lately, and one thing I find troubling is women who attack other women. Maybe not with their fists, but with their words instead.

It’s amazing the things that you can find on Google. I’m not exactly sure of how I stumbled upon this site the other day, but there is a website where women talk about how fat celebrities are and viciously attack them. I’m not going to use the name of the website because quite honestly, I don’t think that that website deserves any attention or traffic. Call me naïve, it won’t be the first time…..but I was actually beyond shocked to see the way that women were speaking about other women’s bodies. As if it were not already horrifying enough, the celebrities that they were talking about could never be called fat. They were actually just healthy looking athletic women that clearly were not starving themselves. I truly don’t think that anyone’s body should ever, ever be made fun of, attacked or in anyway disparaged. I’m not exactly sure what kind of person would be making these remarks about any other human being, but I actually found it scary, and sad. Everyone has a different body type and it’s really not up to anyone but the individual to decide what that person’s body type should be. It’s not up to me to say someone is too skinny, and it certainly not up to me to say that someone is overweight.

I personally hope that if anyone reading this ever sees this going on, they will say something to the person making the remarks to let them know that it is not OK. It’s setting such a bad example for young girls if they hear their mothers put down another woman’s body like this and it setting them up for a lifetime of eating disorders.  It’s not okay, and I think that women who attack other women should be called out for it. I love health and fitness, and my business is beauty, but I also think that part of beauty is recognizing that a great deal of beauty actually comes from the inside. Your personality soul and spirit are the most important part of your body, your physical body just happens to be attached to this. Please try to have some love and kindness for other women, and don’t make their lives any harder than they have to be. As my mother used to say when I was a child, if you don’t have anything nice to say… Don’t say anything at all.

Just one more thing for everyone to keep in mind… If you are a woman that is making remarks about other women that are horrible, cruel and uncouth… Please don’t think for a second that you’re a beautiful woman, because the ugliness of your insides and your personality and your thoughts are enough to ruin any physical beauty that you possess. Beauty comes from the inside.

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine

posted by Megan Graham on 05/24/16

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine

When I was younger, I thought that looking good could only be achieved by depriving myself. I bounced from one fad diet to another, losing 10 pounds quickly (usually by eating as little as possible) and then gaining back the 10 pounds just as quickly. As soon as I started to eat normally again (plus some because I had been so deprived with what I was eating) my body hung onto every last pound. My diets usually excluded various food groups and left me craving all sorts of different things, I felt like it was impossible to stay lean and slim, but at the same time when I gained 10 or 20 pounds, I was unhappy with my body. In my 30’s I started to understand more about nutrition, and that eating healthy, less refined whole foods would help to satisfy my appetite, while giving me the essential nutrients that are less prevalent in manufactured “diet” foods. I learned that eating refined sugars is very different than eating carbs like potatoes, rice and corn, and that the closer the apple is to the tree (a whole apple vs apple juice) the more effective it will be to get you to your fitness goals.

I began making my own meals using simple ingredients like: green veggies, rice, potatoes, steak, chicken, turkey and olive oil and noticed changes in my skin, hair and the leanness of my body. So often I hear people say that a calorie is just a calorie, but I know now that saying isn’t quite right. You are what you eat, and when you eat protein filled foods from nature and fresh veggies the change that you’ll feel both physically and mentally are astounding… I could go on and on about the benefits, but lets just say that my skin became clearer, my body composition became leaner and my energy levels became more consistent from eating in the correct way.

Life has a way of taking over, and as important as eating healthfully is to me, running my own successful hair salon (while rewarding) can also be incredibly time consuming and stressful. Meal prep usually takes me about 5-7 hours a week, and after coming home from working 10 hours nonstop on my feel, it was the last thing I wanted to do. My meals became haphazard, and thrown together and although they were nutritionally balanced, they became less appetizing to me because honestly….they were no longer delicious or interesting. I had tried several meal prep services and was disappointed with the results. Either the macros were off (too little protein and not enough veggies and way too much refined sugar) or the food simply didn’t taste good. You only live once, and who wants to waste their calories?? Not I!

When I finally ordered meals from Elite Lifestyle Cuisine I was thrilled. First of all the macros are perfect. Everything is written on the side of the container, and there is plenty of protein. I was so surprised at how delicious they are, and how much flavor is in each dish, all while keeping the calories at a reasonable level. Being able to come home after a total body workout and pop a meal in the microwave and be sitting at the table eating only ten minutes later is something I am so grateful for. I have more time with my family and friends, and am also able to focus more completely on my business and upcoming fitness competition (I am a WBFF Bikini Pro) because I don’t have to spend all of my free time cooking and planning my meals. The cost has been extremely reasonable (about 10 dollars per meal) so I am spending approximately the same amount that I spent on groceries, but without all the wasted food. One of the greatest benefits is that the food is frozen, so that I can prepare it when I need it, and it stays it’s freshest up until that point. My schedule can be a bit unpredictable, and I love the fact that if I go out for a last minute dinner, I’m not wasting the food that’s in my home. I’ve recommended Elite Lifestyle cuisine to so many of my friends who travel because it’s a great way to keep your home stocked with nutritious foods even while on the go. How nice it is to come home from a long day of traveling to home cooked lean meatballs over penne pasta!

Within my first two weeks of raving about the meals I’ve been getting from Elite Lifestyle Cuisine, I had 10 friends who also wanted the meals, so Carlos was gracious enough to provide me with a code ( Megangrahamfitness at which people could use to receive 10 percent off of their order!:)

I love sharing my tips for staying in shape with less time and effort than most people believe you must spend, and meals are everything. Please try these delicious meals as you work to maintain (or increase ) your level of leanness and I promise you won’t be disappointed! Stay beautiful and healthy! xo, Megan

How Long It Takes For Hair To Be Healthy

posted by Megan Graham on 04/21/16

When working in the salon at Megan Graham beauty I see many new clients who come to me because they are on their last straw. Their hair is damaged, dry, broken and the color is completely off. I have a reputation for being able to fix hair color, and bring the condition of hair back to shiny and healthy. One thing that I have wanted to address for a while is :how long it takes for hair to be healthy.

I think that with most of the things that we do in life, we expect to see an instant change… But when dealing with hair it’s important to realize that our hair is already growing out of our heads and once we do something to that hair, we can baby it, try to preserve it and this will make a difference but it will not turn that hair back to its original untouched state. There are times where I have seen a client for 1 to 2 appointments, which usually means I have seen them for anywhere from six weeks to three months and they will ask how long it takes for hair to be healthy. I know that the answer they want is for me to tell them only a few months and their hair will be back in perfect health, but the truth is it actually takes patience and treating your hair very respectfully with excellent product, gentle hair coloring and being as easy as possible stylewise your hair to get beautiful and healthy hair.

My own hair is about 22 inches long and I would say that my hair grows approximately 5 inches a year which means that for me to grow healthy hair out I could plan on about 4 1/2 years maybe a little bit more because of course we are always trimming our hair along the way.

I know that we usually want things instantly, and there are things that you can do to instantly make your hair feel better, but to have extremely beautiful hair that gets compliments on the street every day… Takes consistency for quite a long time. 1 to 2 appointments with me will give you more beautiful hair color, but to have truly beautiful healthy hair we will have to work as a team for quite a while to achieve that result.

I hope that this helps to answer any questions you may have, if you’d like to book an appointment at the salon please call 617-236-8100 or go to our website and book online.

Why women have broken and damaged hair

posted by Megan Graham on 04/11/16

why women have broken and damaged hairWhen I walk by women in the locker room at the gym, and I see them doing their own hair, it makes it clearer to me why women have broken and damaged hair.  At the salon sometimes I’m puzzled when I do a clients hair gently and without breakage, and they return to me with extremely fragile hair.

Amongst other things I see: low quality shampoo and conditioner.  This always perplexes me, because shampoo can make or break the appearance of your hair.  In the salon when I spend hours gently and strategically coloring someones hair, it’s difficult for me to understand that they don’t always feel that using the best products will make a difference.  You might as well buy soft scrub to wash the exterior of your new Mercedes and to use an inferior cleansing product on your hair, it’s the same thing and a big reason for why women have broken and damaged hair.

No heat protectant, fast and aggressive untangling (this snaps off the hair, and trust me, you need every piece on your head!)…the worst offensive? Women very quickly run the blow dryer through their hair and then pick up the flat iron and start smoothing their hair. I can’t even explain to you just how damaging this is, but please don’t do this! If you must flat iron your hair, you must make sure that your hair is bone dry before. A rushed blow dry won’t get out all the dampness, and there will be so much damage.

There is nothing better than having beautiful, healthy hair…but you have to be wiling to do your part and take care of your hair at home to achieve this! xoxo, Megan