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Before and after Color correction using lowlights

posted by Megan Graham on 04/13/14

This week I had a lovely new client.   She was so wonderful to talk to, our appointment seemed to literally fly by as we talked.  She had naturally medium brown hair, that is extremely fragile, and prone to breakage, and had used Sun In while on vacation, and then used Sun In a second time to try to reduce the brassy orange tones that appeared in her hair after the first application.  Her hair was dull, drab, lacking shine as well as far too light for her beautiful complexion.  During the consult I learned that she wanted a natural result (my favorite), cared about the health of her hair very much, and did not want the color to be too dark.  Most stylists would put an all over darker color on her entire head of hair and call it a day, it’s quick, its easy…..but it’s not pretty, and it certainly will not look natural.  I decided instead to mix a gentle, rich brown lowlight, and spent the next few hours wrapping delicate foils into her hair to put back the missing brown.  I strategically left out many of the faded blonde pieces so that they would look like dimensional highlights, but I did no lightening whatsoever.  After the foils were fully processed, I gently cleansed her hair using Kerestase and did a glaze treatment for shine, and tone.  Lastly an anti breakage treatment by Kerestase was applied.


The end result looked so perfect on my client.  Simply put, she looked and felt like herself once again.  The best part?  No damage.  Her fragile hair was much softer and shinier than when she initially walked through the door.  I scheduled her next appointment for six weeks, after that she will be able to stretch it to 8 weeks, and the following appointment will be for 3 months.


Stay beautiful!

Below is the picture of the before and after color correction using lowlights.

Client with faded, brassy, dull hair corrected to a rich, shiny, brunette using lowlights and glaze.

Client with faded, brassy, dull hair corrected to a rich, shiny, brunette using lowlights and glaze.

posted by Megan Graham on 04/03/14

The weather in Boston is (finally) hinting that Spring is trying to show it’s beautiful face.  As soon as we get a few days over fifty degrees (sad, but true) I immediately start planning my Spring outfits.  Here is a little something I put together for Spring, complete with a blazer because the weather can be a bit unpredictable to having layers is always a great idea!  Would you wear these pieces?  Please comment below and tell me what you are excited to wear this Spring!

Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Current Elliot and Ray Bans.  These are a few of my favorite things.

Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Current Elliot and Ray Bans. These are a few of my favorite things.

balayage vs foils

posted by Megan Graham on 04/02/14

Lately I’ve noticed a trend, and that is that many people are requesting the baylayage service at the salon. What is the difference between balayage and foils? I do both, depending on the situation, but I would have to say that 90 percent of the time, I think that Balayage is the most useful technique. The color is contained in the foils very neatly, I can make more accurate brush strokes, and it processes fairly quickly. Balayage is a bit more freehand. It’s more like actually painting the hair, and gives slightly more subtle results. I think they both have a place in the salon, but I find foils to be the more dependable, and accurate method, and I can do everything that I could do with balayage using foils, although the opposite is not true.

How to maintain your brows between shapings

posted by Megan Graham on 03/31/14

I loved these tips on touching up your brows in between brow appointments. I had my share of eyebrow disasters in my 20′s.

Do you have any tips that aren’t on here?

MeganHow to maintain your brows between shapings

Great blow drying tips

posted by Megan Graham on 03/26/14

I wanted to share this article that was on the Huffington Post which had some great blow drying tips.


My favorite things

posted by Megan Graham on 03/25/14

Updates will be coming to the Megan Graham Beauty site soon, and there will be a page dedicated to my favorite things.  When I find a place or person that I think provides amazing service, I like to share the information with other people….it seems greedy not to:)  Tavi De La Rosa is listed as my favorite makeup artist, he is truly the Best of Boston!  For skincare and dermatology needs I reccomend Dr. Lori Brightman (NYC) and Tom Rohrer of Skincare Physicians in Chestnut Hill.  For eyebrows and micro-pigmentation Julie Michaud of Prettyology is the best of the best!  Do you have any favorites that you’d like to share?  Please comment back, or let me know if there is something that you need a recommendation for.


Stay beautiful, inside and out.



Low maintenance highlights…they are possible

posted by Megan Graham on 03/18/14

Over the years, I have noticed something about highlights. Sometimes there are so many of them on the same head of hair, that they really don’t look like highlights anymore…it just looks like an all over base color change, or single process color. One of my favorite looks is a highlight, that keeps enough of a clients natural color intact, because it grows out so beautifully, and naturally. Recently I was visited by a lovely client, who colors her had once a year (give or take) and puts beautiful lightest brown pieces into her darkest brown base. She came in last week, and the results were stunning:)

Would you like a low maintenance hair color? If so, choosing a shade that is within 3 levels of the base color that you naturally have, and leaving a fair amount of your natural hair color intact will make for a much smoother grow out. Here is a picture of lovely Lisa’s hair:)
Low maintenance highlights :)

Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier

posted by Megan Graham on 03/14/14

I always get excited when I find a product that really works, and this year I have been loving the illuminating tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier. It gives light coverage, protection from the sun (20 spf) and just enough of a glow that people keep asking me how I take care of my skin to keep it so healthy! I appreciate the compliment, but really need to give credit to my new favorite product. It feels light and is easy to wear all day without the heavy feeling that most foundations have. It can also be layered with more coverage as day turns into night, which is a great timesaver! Love this product!

Why do you have a cancellation policy?

posted by Megan Graham on 03/05/14

One of the most difficult parts of owning a small business, has been implementing policies and following through with them.  For years, before I owned a salon I only did hair, and spent my day working on clients and was not the person to actually manage a salon.  The business that I have created is small, detail oriented and personal, which means that there is only enough time for a small number of clients in the salon.  Beautiful hair color takes time, and most of my clients spend several hours with us at the salon in order to walk out with a beautiful finished product.

I set aside a large duration of time especially for each client who books an appointment with me, as do the other 3-4 people who help with all of the details of their appointment including(but not limited to): Making the client coffee, checking her in to the salon, protecting her handbag with a clear plastic bag, smoothing her hair, keeping the salon tidy and fresh, possibly feeding a meter when time allows, passing us foils. preparing more color, cleansing her hair, glazing her hair, applying a treatment, blow drying or cutting her hair, checking her out, and booking the next appointment.   My cancellation policy is this:  To cancel an appointment, and avoid being charged a fee, a client needs to call 48 hours before the appointment to cancel.  This means Tuesday at 11 am to cancel an 11 am appointment for Thursday.   I realize that people have busy lives, but because I am setting aside a great deal of time to do each clients hair color, I would also need ample time to fill that appointment.  When people call to cancel their appointments 2 hours before the appointment, my business suffers a loss, and there is no way for me to make it up.  My staff is there and ready to work, but with no client.  I may not be a doctor, but my time is valuable and limited.  This is why I have a

Although I usually have a waiting list, unless the appointment becomes available with enough time for the client to prepare, it is usually close to impossible for an appointment to be filled.

Please know that if I charge you a cancellation fee (which is the price of the appointment) I am not trying to be mean, or unfair.  I would always rather be coloring your hair, and using the time set aside for you….for you.  This is my business, and in order to keep it open, and sustainable, I need to have a cancellation policy.  For more information, or to book a consultation or appointment please call:   617.236.8100

Should I change my hair products according to the season?

posted by Megan Graham on 02/21/14

Should I change my hair products according to the season? Everything changes when the seasons change.  Temperature, humidity, sunset…..which means that your hair (and skin, but that’s another blog) changes as well.  In the winter, your hair is exposed to more dry heat, less humidity  and rapid temperature changes.  This means that the products that you use must leave more moisture in your hair.  A heavier conditioner, and richer styling aids may be in order to keep your tresses shiny and healthy.  During the summer months your hair may still need extra moisture, and it may also require something to control frizz.


Kerestase Nectar Thermique

Kerestase Nectar Thermique

Your hair is unique, and will not necessarily need the same thing as someone else’s hair may, but there is a good chance that what you should use for product will change drastically according to the seasons.  You wouldn’t wear a strapless sundress in Boston December through July, so why would you use the same product?  For questions about product, and what you might need for your hair, please schedule a consultation at Megan Graham Beauty by calling us at: 617.236.8100.