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Back to School

posted by Megan Graham on 07/29/17

Back to School

Back to School

To me, September has always been the start of the new year, even more than January.  As this summer comes to a close our hair has been through so much.  Swimming, traveling and staying in places that may or may not have the best quality hair products. For many of my clients who have been in Nantucket or traveling in Europe, they may not have been able to touch up and maintain their color.

From August 1, to September 1st Alyssa Satmary will be offering a student special (valid for students of all ages with a valid student ID) to get you ready for back to school  A partial foil, haircut and Kerastase treatment which would usually be three hundred and fifty dollars booked without the promotion will be 300 dollars when mentioning this offer.  If you know someone that would be interested in having this experience please feel free to share this email.

This offer doesn’t include a single process or corrective color, so if your hair needs a complete makeover it may not be the perfect fit, but if it needs moisture, health and a gorgeous influx of color this is perfect for you!

Some tips for replenishing summer hair:

  • As the summer nears to a close, and I feel the ends of my hair desperate for moisture, I love to leave a little Olaplex treatment in the ends of my hair when I spend time outside.  Whether exercising, spending time on the water or relaxing, I can give my hair the moisture it needs at anytime.
  • For many of my clients who spend time in Nantucket I see quite a buildup of minerals.  Using a Malibu treatment to cleanse the hair of unwanted minerals and unsightly tones will preserve your highlights tones for a longer amount of time.
  • Although I know it can be tempting, please don’t put wet hair up into a ponytail.  It’s more damaging than you can imagine to wrap an elastic around wet hair, and will cause a great deal of damage in the end.

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