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posted by Megan Graham on 08/27/12

Megan Graham

Megan Graham

You’re better off not washing your hair than cleansing with inferior products.  Sometimes in the salon when I talk about products, I get the sense that people think they aren’t as important as they truly are. are.  When I color someone’s hair,  taking the time to make sure it’s shiny, natural, and blended and my client tells me that they are using cut rate cleansers, it breaks my heart.  There is a big difference between products, and to me using the cheap stuff is the equivalent washing a shiny, new Ferrari with comet. It’s not the right product for the job and it can actually do harm.   The right products protect and preserve color, and prevent breakage.  The wrong products coat your hair, yet simultaneously dry it out, and fade color.  My two favorite product lines , and yes, we sell them , are Minardi Luxury Color Care and Kerastase. Minardi products take  parched, dried out and fragile hair and infuse incredible softness and luster by using only top quality ingredients that mimic the lipids naturally present in hair.  Instead of simply coating, they nourish and heal.   Healthy hair equals a gorgeous color result.

P.S. You don’t have to throw away your old shampoo, you can use it to clean your makeup brushes, save the kerestase for your hair.

3 Secrets to growing out your hair faster and healthier

posted by Megan Graham on 12/26/11


3 secrets to growing out your hair faster…

1.) The wrong hair color products can cause even people whose hair “grows fast” to wonder why that hair just doesn’t get past their shoulders anymore. Bad hair color causes hair to look thinner, be frizzy and worst of all causes the damage that leads to hair breaking off. Lots of people think all that hair on the hairbrush and in the shower drain is just normal hair falling out… and only when they start to realize their head of hair appears thinner do they begin to notice a lot more baby hairs than normal. Breakage + normal hair loss and regrowth = hair disaster.
Megan Graham has been relentlessly studying and documenting the effects of hair color on all different types of hair for over 10 years and has selected only the best products that not only cause less damage than the colors that many other salons use, but hair appears thicker, shinier and fresher while hair is growing out.

Book an appointment with Megan Graham today for the best hair color there is applied with an artistic eye to beautify the growing out process!

2.) You’ve probably heard from many stylists that getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks makes your hair grow faster. That’s not actually true. Think about it, why would cutting the ends of hair affect the rate the hair is developing from the root? The reality is that individual hairs fall out each day and in fact, each new hair can not only start growing at different times but each individual hair can grow at different rates and even sections of hair can grow differently. The reason you DO need to get that hair trimmed while trying to grow it out is to avoid the scraggly look of uneven individual hairs. In fact the “awkward” phases of growing your hair out are caused by either a base haircut that isn’t layered correctly, or the avoidance of trims. This holds true for baby fine, thin hair all the way to extra thick, coarse hair.

Book an appointment with Jana Rago today to give you a style that will grow out flawlessly and avoid the awkward stages with proper trims

3.) Unfortunately with age, hair does tend to grow less quickly than before and sometimes women don’t want to wait 3-5 years (!) to grow out their hair. The Megan Graham beauty salon can apply hair extensions with minimal damage to one’s own hair. Like magic, the growing out process is eliminated and your hair will look natural, full, shiny and gorgeous after just one visit.

Just like hair color, there are different types of hair extensions! Beware the main vendor out there that most salons use and charge a fortune for because while they say that the bonds cause no damage, the bonds are very large and then incoming hair growth will tangle around those bonds. You’ll hear snapping of hair when the bonds are removed. Megan Graham Beauty offers only the very best hair extensions and you can easily request a few to thicken your hair or put on a fabulous long and lustrous mane and enjoy a different look immediately.

Book an appointment at Megan Graham Beauty today to see the difference that high quality hair extensions can make! We hope you enjoyed the three secrets to growing out your hair faster and healthier


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5 minute holiday Makeover

posted by Megan Graham on 11/27/11

This is the season for holiday parties, and more often than not I find myself working a full day, and quickly sprucing myself up with an evening look that can be achieved in minutes. It would be nice to have an hour or so to get ready, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the time! When I’m in a hurry here’s what I do for a 5 minute holiday makeover.

Blot my face with oil blotting papers (alternately I use a makeup wipe to remove my foundation and start fresh, but I never wipe off eye makeup…..too much time to redo)

Apply more concealer as needed, and a touch of foundation. Lightly powder, and apply more blush than daytime look. Super crucial tip: don’t go too heavy on blush, you want to look sultry….not like a professional ice skater)

Layer on eye makeup….metallics are beautiful for the holiday season….bronze, brown and naturals are always soft and flattering. Keep the lip soft and natural, anything too dark will age, and look too made up when paired with a stronger evening eye.

I usually wear a black dress, and bring a few fun accessories for night. Chandelier earrings, a few Alex and Ani bangles…..anything to feel more festive and ready to go out.

Lastly I flip my hair upside down, comb through gently with my hands, and spray a bit of hairspray for volume. I now look 50 percent better, and can tackle any holiday party. On my way out, I grab an espresso from a sweet little Newbury street coffee shop, and an apple……and voila…..evening ready.


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Best Dry shampoo

posted by Megan Graham on 11/14/11

the best dry shampoo

the best dry shampoo

For the longest time I had my doubts about dry shampoo, the idea of it just didn’t seem attractive to me. Wouldn’t it just be better to wash my hair? Well, the answer is yes and no. The Best Dry shampoo makes day two hair look amazing, and saves hair from heat and styling damage.  Here is a link to the top ten dry shampoos:) (more…)