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Phthalate free beauty products

posted by Megan Graham on 08/21/14

Anyone who knows me knows that two of my favorite things are health and beauty. Sometimes though, the more I learn, the more I wish I din’t know:( I’ve been trying to switch to beauty brands that don’t contain Phthalates ( a dangerous hormone disrupter) and found that it’s very difficult to find makeup that doesn’t contain Phthalates. Phthalate free beauty products are important because Phthalates have been linked to early menopause and potential pregnancy problems (among other things)

Tarte makeup is Phthalate free so I made the plunge this weekend and decided to try it. So far so good. It’s not quite as easy to apply as some brands that I’ve used, but I like the idea of Phthalate free beauty products….. Stay healthy and gorgeous! Megan

How to avoid brassiness in blond hair

posted by Megan Graham on 08/01/14

How to avoid brassiness in blond hair

How to avoid brassiness in blond hair

Over and over again at the salon, I hear the same topic, which tells me that it’s very important to many of my clients.  They want to know how to avoid brassiness in blonde hair.  When I see a first time client, and they are brassy blondes, the following things are often the reason:


Water- If you don’t have a water filter on your shower head, you may develop brassiness over time.

Poor choice of aftercare products- If you are using inferior products (and you know that 50 percent of you are…….they will strip your hair color and turn the most beautiful blondes brassy)

An all over base color which is much lighter than your natural root color.  A base color always creates warmth as you lighten it.  The rule?  The higher you lift the bas, the more warmth you’ll see.

Highlights weren’t lifted blonde enough, or the product chosen to highlight was strong enough to lift past the warmth.

These are the most common reasons that I see over and over, and are some of the things to look for when trying to figure out how to avoid brassiness in blonde hair.  I’ve added a picture of a blonde client who came to me with very brassy hair due to the fact that the base color that was being used on her was simply too light, and was creating unwanted warmth.  I used a slightly darker base color and created her lightness using highlights.  To book an appointment at Megan Graham Beauty please call 617.236.8100 or book online by going to:



Stones and Carrots

posted by Megan Graham on 07/26/14

My friend Nikki Stalling has launched her new line of gorgeous, refined, handmade jewelry after years of gathering inspiration while traveling the globe as a full time model. Graceful, balanced and unique pieces are Nikki’s signature, and they have a way of making your wrists look so delicate while wearing them. Please take a look at her website, custom orders are also available upon request.

Stones and carrots

Stones and Carrots

Blonde highlights before and after

posted by Megan Graham on 07/07/14

What makes a beautiful blonde?  Personally, I don’t thing there’s anything worse that the typical bleached out, heavy-handed blonde highlights that are applied evenly throughout the head, in an almost machine like fashion.  In this blonde highlights before and after picture are some of the qualities that I love to see on a blonde.  Natural, dimensional, believable and blended.  This particular lovely client doesn’t want to visit the salon too often, so I kept the entire color as soft and as natural as possible.  For someone who is willing to do a little more maintainance I would love to brighten up the color even more, and lift the base a smudge just to bring back that childlike beachy glow that she would have had as a blonde.

A beautiful blonde is not:








We’ve all seen it haven’t we?  Hair color that is so obviously….hair color.  Wouldn’t it be better to have someone think that the blonde you’re wearing is actually yours?  Realistic color choices, shine, health and a natural, delicate foiling pattern make or break how natural your blond looks.

blonde highlights before and after

Blonde highlights before and after

There is so much beauty in a color that had a little interest and asymmetry, a touch of darkness where you might now expect it, or a shiny golden copper lowlight to offset light golden blonde highlights.  There isn’t one blonde that works for everyone, and most blondes will look amazing with several different colors.

Is there a blonde that you have been trying to achieve but haven’t been happy with the results? Sometimes it can take a while to get the blonde highlights before and after color that you really want.  If you feel that you aren’t getting the color that you want, tell your stylist… above all else, we want you to be happy.

To schedule a color or consultation at Megan Graham Beauty with Kayla, Kristine or Megan, please call 617.236.8100 or book an appointment online at




Pawsh Dog Boutique Boston

posted by Megan Graham on 06/10/14

Pawsh Dog Boutique Boston

Pawsh Dog Boutique Boston

I usually write all beauty focused blogs, but recently I had a learning experience at Pawsh Dog Boutique Boston and I thought that I would write about it, as that is usually the best way that I learn. Sometimes for me, some of the worst experiences that I have with businesses as they affect me personally, are actually the best for me business-wise as the illustrate to me how clients feel, and what I want to avoid in my business. No one is perfect, and it’s important as business owners that we avoid operation based on our feelings, and instead that we do things professionally.

I have been going to Pawsh Dog Boutique Boston since my Dog Teddy was a puppy, about 7 years. When I first got him he wore a little ponytail, and later on when he got a little older I had his hair cut shorter into a puppy cut, so that he would be more comfortable, and not have to wear a tight ponytail day in and day out.

There was quite a lot of turnover at Pawsh dog Boutique. I think the longest I ever had the same groomer was maybe a year. Each time that I would get someone different it would take a few times to get the haircut right. I didn’t get upset, I just kept sending in Teddy (and then his sister Lola) with a photo of each of them, so that the groomer would see how they wanted it.

Last summer, I found out about something called a crate dryer (it’s a cage that groomers close dogs into that dries the dog, and it had been outlawed in many states. Not Massachusetts yet, but hopefully soon. There have been many injuries and deaths from crate dryers, so I called Pawsh Dog Boutique Boston to make sure that they don’t use one. They told me that they did….sometimes. I asked them please never, ever to put either of my dogs into one, and told them that I would pay extra to have them dry both of them by hand.

The last time I brought the dogs into Pawsh, the groomer didn’t do the cut as I had shown in the picture, so thinking that it wasn’t a big deal at all, I asked if they could cut a little more off. I popped into the Boutique, and the owners wife was pretty unfriendly and said that maybe I should go to another place for my dog grooming. She said that the groomer didn’t want to groom my dogs anymore because she doesn’t like to have to make all of the changes.

Here is a link to another person who just had the same experience:

It was a big learning experience for me because: I think it’s important to treat clients respectfully, and if they come to you asking for a change ( and it was possible to achieve that result in the first place) it’s important to value them, and to complete the work for which you were paid. I also think that sometimes businesses that have rapid employee turnover such as Pawsh become a little afraid of their employees and do some things that are not in the best interest of their business. I get emails every week from Pawsh Dog Boutique Boston because they are running a contest to try to get votes to win Best of Boston and they are offering incentives for people to vote. All I can think when I see this is…..why not actually just be the best? Be consistent with your haircuts, treat your clients with respect, and do the best job. To me, that is the only way that they will win. I wouldn’t bring my dog to Pawsh Dog Boutique Boston, because they treated me poorly, and so I would not be able to trust them to treat my dog with care. Just my thought for the day.

Healthy Hair Straightening Treatment

posted by Megan Graham on 06/07/14

I had the Vegan Hair treatment done to my hair at the salon about five or six weeks ago, and I wanted to give an update on how my hair has been in the weeks since then.  I have gotten a lot of questions from clients and friends since then, so I wanted to write a post to explain what my experience has been with the Vegan smoothing treatment.  I have been wanting to find a product like this for a long time, and I was having trouble finding a healthy hair straightening treatment.

The major difference that I have noticed after having the hair smoothing treatment applied to my hair is that it has drastically cut down on the amount of time that I have to spend styling my hair in the morning.  The curl smoothes into sleek hair much more easily, and even if I leave a certain amount of dampness in my hair I don’t have the problem that I used to have which is that my hair would frizz and curl, and grow in volume after I had already styled it.  When I walk out into the humidity my hair also doesn’t  lose it’s style, and stays relatively straight and smooth.  I’m happy to have finally found a healthy hair straightening treatment, and will have an easier time getting ready in the morning, as well as keeping my hair smooth this summer.  I’d reccomend this treatment to anyone who is looking to have their smooth blow dry last longer, and keep the frizz at bay.  I wouldn’t reccomend the treatment to someone who is looking for hair that is pin straight without any work.  The benefits of the healthy hair straightening treatment are: less frizz, smoother shinier hair, less heat damage and a long lasting style.  To book an appointment for a smoothing treatment or consult please call: 617.236.8100.

Best highlights Boston:)

posted by Megan Graham on 05/05/14

The other day at the salon I had the opportunity to highlight a beautiful brunette.  She hadn’t colored her hair in years, and came to me because she heard that I did the best highlights in Boston from friends.  I loved the level of excitement that she felt at the prospect of getting her hair colored, and I have to say that I am thrilled with the results. She requested a natural, low maintainance color that she could touch up every 3-4 months, and this is the before and after.  Balanced, natural, shiny and beautiful.  After she leaves the salon she will extend the life of her new color by cleansing and conditioning with Kerestase shampoo and conditioner, followed by a heat protectant and styling products.  Whenever possible, I advise clients to wash their hair every other day as opposed to once a day.  This saves on heat damage, which means healthier hair.

This color is perfect for a woman with a natural base color of light, medium or dark brown.  It looks soft and sophisticated, and when done properly using the finest products and aftercare, the hair will remain in excellent condition.  Highlights that add interest and dimension are truly my favorite type of work, as they are something that my clients will be able to wear for a long time, and I also know that most people won’t be able to duplicate them.  Have you ever tried highlighting your hair?  What was your experience?  Please comment below.  To book an appointment at Megan Graham Beauty on Newbury Street for the best highlights Boston please call 617.236.8100 or go to out website: to book online.

Best Highlights Boston

Best highlights Boston

The most healthy hair smoothing treatment for your hair

posted by Megan Graham on 04/29/14

Thermafuse Hair Smoothing the most healthy smoothing system for you and your hair.

I love Summer, but along with the heat comes humidity.  My skin loves the humidity, but my wavy/curly hair does not!  I usually spend 45 minutes blow drying my hair smooth only to walk outside and have it frizz, and curl.  Over the past year I have been researching different hair smoothing treatments that would make my hair more manageable, and so many of them are tough on the hair or contain harmful chemicals.  I wanted to find the best and the most healthy hair smoothing treatment for you and your hair.  One of my regular clients switched her hair smoothing system from Keratin to a Vegan brand, and over the past year I have watched her hair transform from dull and damaged, to smooth and shiny.  Let’s just say that I became very interested in the treatment after I saw the amazing changes in her hair.

I loved the Thermafuse Smoothing treatment so much that I finally had it done to my hair.  I know that I will always have to style my hair, but having the style last is important to me.  The process was very gentle.  A consultation to determine how much frizz reduction/curl reduction I was looking for, followed by a through cleansing and blow dry after which the product was applied to my hair (no unpleasant or chemical smell), dried into my hair using a brush and then smoothed with a flat iron.  I sat to cool, and then the product was rinsed and cleansed from my hair, and I left with a beautiful blow dry.

I would reccomend Thermafuse because it is:



Saves time and heat damage in daily life

Helps styles last longer

Reduces Frizz

Leaves the hair very shiny

The most healthy hair smoothing treatment for you and your hair!

The best hair smoothing treatment Newbury Street

Results on naturally wavy hair using the Thermafuse Smoothing System.

Results on naturally wavy hair using the Thermafuse Smoothing System.


The ideal Thermafuse hair smoothing client has frizzy, wavy or medium curly hair and is looking for less “bulk”.  Thermafuse will not produce bone straight results like the Keratin, and will gradually wear off over time unlike Keratin.  For clients with extremely curly hair it may not be straight enough.  To book a complimentary consultation for the Thermafuse with Roy, Kristine or Maria, please call us at Megan Graham Beauty at 617.236.8100.


Before and after Color correction using lowlights

posted by Megan Graham on 04/13/14

This week I had a lovely new client and I wanted to share my before and after color correction using lowlights.  She was so wonderful to talk to, our appointment seemed to literally fly by as we talked.  She had naturally medium brown hair, that is extremely fragile, and prone to breakage, and had used Sun In while on vacation, and then used Sun In a second time to try to reduce the brassy orange tones that appeared in her hair after the first application.  Her hair was dull, drab, lacking shine as well as far too light for her beautiful complexion.  During the consult I learned that she wanted a natural result (my favorite), cared about the health of her hair very much, and did not want the color to be too dark.  Most stylists would put an all over darker color on her entire head of hair and call it a day, it’s quick, its easy…..but it’s not pretty, and it certainly will not look natural.  I decided instead to mix a gentle, rich brown lowlight, and spent the next few hours wrapping delicate foils into her hair to put back the missing brown.  I strategically left out many of the faded blonde pieces so that they would look like dimensional highlights, but I did no lightening whatsoever.  After the foils were fully processed, I gently cleansed her hair using Kerestase and did a glaze treatment for shine, and tone.  Lastly an anti breakage treatment by Kerestase was applied.


The end result looked so perfect on my client.  Simply put, she looked and felt like herself once again, a great before and after cold correction using lowlights.  The best part?  No damage.  Her fragile hair was much softer and shinier than when she initially walked through the door.  I scheduled her next appointment for six weeks, after that she will be able to stretch it to 8 weeks, and the following appointment will be for 3 months.


Stay beautiful!

Below is the picture of the before and after color correction using lowlights.

before and after color correction using lowlights

before and after color correction using lowlights

Spring Fashion Boston

posted by Megan Graham on 04/03/14

The weather in Boston is (finally) hinting that Spring is trying to show it’s beautiful face.  As soon as we get a few days over fifty degrees (sad, but true) I immediately start planning my Spring fashion outfits.  Here is a little something I put together for Spring, complete with a blazer because the weather can be a bit unpredictable to having layers is always a great idea!  Would you wear these pieces?  Please comment below and tell me what you are excited to wear this Spring!

I found a great new app where you can literally take pictures of things which you currently have in your closet, or pull new ideas in from the internet.   I think this is a great way to get the most use out of every single thing in your closet.  What do you think?

Spring fashion

Spring Fashion