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Favorite Natural Beauty Products

posted by Megan Graham on 03/24/17

Favorite natural beauty products

Favorite natural beauty products

For the past couple of years I have been doing quite a bit of testing and research to find my favorite natural beauty products that effective to carry at the salon. Since I found myself sharing my favorites again and again I decided it might be a worthwhile blog post for those of you that are interested in trying something that is natural and effective. I found myself shying away from natural products for the longest time because every time I bought something I felt disappointed! Foundation smelled like patchouly, and shampoo and conditioner always seem to dry my hair out.

One of my favorite natural products is a lip gloss by Ilia. I buy this particular lipgloss and two shades… The butterfly and I and Peekaboo. Peekaboo could be described as a nude, but it’s not that terrible deadening shade that takes away all the color in your face, it has a bit of a Rosy hue and just a touch of color. Peeakaboo is great with a darker smoky eye. The butterfly and I has just a touch more color, but not so much to be considered darker and aging, it’s very soft and subtle and can be worn every day. The thing that I like the best about these lip glosses is how natural they are, and the fact that they are extremely moisturizing to my lips. It’s one of the few products that I’ve ever worn that leaves my lips in better shape instead of chapped and uneven. It’s really the only thing I buy at this point for my lips.

I had to try four or five natural deodorants to find one that was effective. I’ve read enough information about commercial deodorants to realize that there’s nothing safe about them, so I finally decided to make the switch, but it wasn’t that easy. So many of the choices smelled fantastic but lost their effectiveness after only two or three hours, and it’s really not convenient to reapply four times a day. My favorite and most effective natural deodorant? Agent Nateur holi Rose #4 deodorant. It has the softest Rose sent, great staying power which lasts all day and of course beautiful packaging.

Skin care was particularly difficult for me as I’ve always been very basic and like things that don’t have a scent. My favorite skin care products? Odacite Beautiful day moisturizer and ultra effective eye cream. They are both cruelty free with no parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances and glycols. It’s a fantastic product that leaves my skin looking great every day and doesn’t cause any irritation whatsoever.

My favorite moisturizer is by Maria Akerberg of Sweden and it’s the foaming wash clearing formula. It’s organic, leaves my skin fresh and causes absolutely no irritation. I purchase this product at Balans Boston ( on their website)

For shampoo and conditioner I have absolutely fallen in love with Rare Elements. I use the Pure shampoo and the Essential conditioner. I have a very long thick wavy hair which tends to be a bit dry, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the conditioner from Rare Essentials made my hair silky, smoothed out the tangles and added shine. The Pure shampoo did a fantastic job of removing the oil in my hair with only one shampoo and did not dry out my hair at all. It has a super pleasant minty smell, and it has fast become one of my favorite shampoos. I carry this shampoo and conditioner at the salon and I absolutely love it.

These are some of my favorite natural beauty products thus far. I have many more if you’d like for me to share, please let me know in the comments below. Megan

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