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My favorite personal trainer

posted by Megan Graham on 12/06/17

My favorite personal trainer Boston

my favorite personal trainer Boston

I love beauty as well as fitness.  As many of my friends and clients know, I do fitness competitions and I work out regularly not only for my physical health, but also my mental health.  During my days working with clients we talk about so many things fitness related and they often ask me to train them, but I am not a personal trainer.  My favorite personal trainer is Boston is James Larson ( he works at the Equinox gym on Avery Street).  I send many of my friends and clients to see James at Equinox so that he can help them with their goals….from body fat loss, to healthy pregnancy to gaining strength James does it all.  Don’t let his muscles fool you either, he knows how to achieve the lean, feminine look that women often seek.  (It’s also highly unlikely that most women would ever gain too much muscle anyway, it’s so much harder than you would ever expect!)

One of the things that makes James Larson my favorite personal trainer in Boston is that he has such a pleasant, encouraging and professional attitude.  There’s so much to be said for enjoying your appointment time when you are spending your valuable time and money, and whenever I send James a new client I feel confident knowing that he will take the best care of each person that I send, and do everything in his power to get the desired results.

I have always been someone who really enjoys working out on my own, so when I first started lifting weights I spent about a year with a great trainer learning how to do the movements properly, with the intention of eventually doing my workouts on my own.  For some, this could be a great strategy, while for others…making a concrete appointment with a trainer can be crucial in a successful fitness quest as many people seem to be unable to make the time they need for themselves.

To contact James to learn more about his personal training, please email him at:


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