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My favorite things………and losing them

posted by Megan Graham on 11/14/11

On my way out of town the other night, I stopped for a moment just before I was about to get in the car, and set down one of the heavy bags I was carrying (my overnight bag to be exact) scoop up Teddy, my five pound yorkie.  He was on a leash, but still not behaving,  Anyway, in a moment of distraction, I drove away not thinking for a moment about the fact that my bag with all of my very favorite things inside, sat all by itself on the concrete.  My fully stocked Trish McEvoy planner, with soft mini brushes inside, and magical concealer…..gone! Back to Saks Fifth Avenue I will go on Tuesday, to restock my favorite things.  I love my planner as I can easily flip through the pages and fix my makeup in seconds……..  It could be worse:)

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